Jesus is central to everything we do at Living Hope. We sing, pray, and teach in His powerful Name. Our past, present, and future is centered on Jesus Christ. Our purpose on this earth is to daily follow and serve Jesus Christ. If you’re new to Living Hope, we would love to get to know you better. If you’d like to know more information about our church feel free to email us at Life@nwi.net
Jeremy Peyton
Laurie Frey
 Lindsay Kane

Jesus, our Living Hope

Everything we believe—all the nuances of our doctrine—spring from knowing God through His son, Jesus. He’s the reason we exist, the goal we aim for, the clarification of life. Everything we do should directly reflect this core belief: Jesus is our focus.

Everyone belongs

Good deeds have never saved anyone. And contrary to popular belief, Christians don’t see themselves as close to perfect. We’re all humans with the same need for love, support, and acceptance. We’ve found all these through Jesus, and we also want to help others.


Fully Engaged

God chose people—specifically a community of people called the Church—to carry out His mission on Earth. That means the local church is meant to be God’s direct expression of love and acceptance to the world, and anyone who considers themselves a Christian should be a fully engaged part of the church. No one should sit on the sidelines, but be all in. That’s our goal -“it’s a lifestyle!”

Living Hope Community Church – CMA
11 North Chelan Ave.
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