Growing spiritually isn’t a one-size-fits-all, but here are four things we consider fundamental at Living Hope, because we see them in the life of Jesus.
Attend the weekend experience.
Explore questions about God and the Bible, and be challenged to apply what you learn to your life. As a community, this is where we are aligned and mobilized to change the world.
Spend time connecting with God on a daily basis. Need help? Explore these tools – You Version – ( It is free) A great tool to help you read through the Bible;  do weekly Bible studies.  Gateway Bible Study – ( it is free) Also a tool that can help you understand the Bible and learn how to read it daily with meaning. For prayer, try  PRAYER MATE – it will help you read though some of the prayers recorded in the Bible. It has a really cool plan for praying daily.
Get in smaller community.
This is where folks are fully known, celebrated and challenged toward living like Jesus. Around here, that can begin in Small Groups – anywhere you’re finding close relationships, support and accountability.
Live generously.
Be a part of something bigger than yourself: join a Small Group or a ministry team, go on a mission trip, and begin (or increase) financial giving. Being generous with time and money blesses others, and God uses that to form our character and grow us.
Our weekend service at Living Hope is all about engaging Jesus’ life and mission. Through worship, personal stories, giving, or the message, we want to make Jesus the focus of our service, as well as our lives. When believers come together in worship, with one heart and one vision, God’s presence changes lives.  
If you have any questions about getting involved on our worship team, contact Jeremy, our  Director of Music at jeremy@jeremypeyton.com
To accomplish the mission God has given to us, we must see the entire body of Christ mobilized for service. May God allow us to launch new waves of godly people as full participants in Christ’s service: evangelizing, church planting, generously giving, boldly praying, joyfully creating.  For more information about being part of a mission team or getting involved locally, contact us at Life@nwi.net
The last words Jesus gave to his followers are called the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).
He tells us to make disciples, people who follow the teaching of Jesus and his way of life. We are to be disciple-makers and that is the primary call of his Church. If you would like to learn how or want
to join a team of disciple-makers, contact Myron  for more information. 
There is nothing more important than making new visitors feel welcome. Attending a new church for the first time is intimidating and we make every possible effort to make new visitors feel right at home. You can join our hospitality team and make a difference. Contact Jan Ogden for more information at Life@nwi.net
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